Jerry Haney

May 13, 1965 - June 29, 2001

"Information for the Spinal Cord Injured"



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Jerry's Dad
Geo. M. Haney Jr.


This section provides all types of information to help with understanding spinal cord injury, care and hygiene, medical information and coping with the life changes that affect the family and injured.

SCI Series: Complete information about spinal cord injury. Information about the injury, what happens to the body, hygiene and skin care, how to cope with this devastating injury are just a few of the many topics presented in these pages.


The Garden pages present pictorial updates of Jerry's Garden of Faith, Hope and Love. The number of photos will continue to increase as the development continues, please exhibit patience when loading these pages.

JMG Series: All about Jerry's beloved garden, now his Memorial. From panorama's to individual plants, it's all here in gorgeous color. Visit and enjoy the beauty of Jerry's Garden.


This page will show how to make a donation to the Jerry Haney Memorial. All proceeds will be used for Jerry's website, Garden plants and maintenance, Educational materials for the SCI family.

JMD, Series: Many have asked how to donate to Jerry's Memory, so the information provided will assist those who may care to remember Jerry in some special way may do so.


This section presents all types of information about Jerry. From the initial accident that left him a quadriplegic to the memorial service for him when he left this life. A very personal and moving legacy of a young man who simply would not stay down after his tragic accident.

JWH Series: Complete information about Jerry Haney, the Son, the Man, the Uncle, the Friend. How he handled this terrible injury, his family, his thoughts, prayers and dreams.


This section provides links to the Haney Family websites. From construction to air conditioning to Catholic religion to a Memorial site. A collection of interesting sites providing useful information about to live it.

GHF Series: Complete information about the Haney Family websites. From a Brother's construction site, Dad's air conditioning site. My Father's religious site and a Memorial site. A good insight into the Haney Family, 



Jerry Haney

May 13, 1965 - June 29, 2001

" Information for the Spinal Cord Injured"